Rafael Quesada
I am a multi-discipline spanish designer living in The Netherlands. Working for Nomads as UI/UX designer and co-creator of whatinterests.me. Find me in other places like Twitter, Dribbble or LinkedIn.


Travelers! Let your best photo travel to the world


I love traveling, discover new places, meet interesting people, breath different airs and of course immortalising those moments. Charge the batteries and get enough film rolls is always a good feeling. Getting ready for another journey.

We want to take pictures of everything we see, remember and have a memory of those moments. Chilling at a hidden beach while the sun is leaving in front of you or enjoying of a full moon with new friends on the mountains. All the moments are perfect moments to capture with your camera.

And all of us love to see those pictures, not only family and friends, but travelers like you! Share those moments is something beautiful and exciting.

I just entered on the Flying View competition from Flying Blue with a picture I love from my last holidays in Greece. An unforgettable summer with the best company. And by sharing this picture with all the Flying blue travelers I’m not only inspiring them to travel to new places but also I can win a Platinum membership for 1 year and 200,000 Miles! Which will allow me to travel and discover more amazing places and enjoy of another unforgettable journey.

You can enter via the website or via Instagram by tagging your picture with the hashtag #Flyingview.

From here I invite you to participate on the competition and continue taking pictures all over the world!

>> Flying View Contest <<

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